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Connect to the Madawaska Public Library's online catalog to access the descriptive database of local historical photos. The photos are fully cataloged and may be searched for by individual names, locations, or subject matter. They are housed at the library. To view the listing of all photographs sign in as "madwaska" if prompted, then enter the search terms "Historical Photograph collection" in an "all words" search.  Please contact us if you would like a digital copy of certain photos.

Please note: These photos are the property of the Madawaska Historical Society. You may copy them for personal use only. Any public display should have attribution to the Madawaska Historical Society. For permission in use in published works or any other type of monetization please contact the Society.

Selected Photos: March

The Madawaska Memorial to the Acadian's Landing here has always been a cross. Previously stationed at numerous sites around St. David, the current site- on a property abutting the St. David Church- was chosen in 1922. Placed on the National Registry of Historical Places in 1973, this year will mark the 100th anniversary of the current Cross Site.

The man on the left is the Reverend Louis Huot, who oversaw the construction of the present St. David Church. The man on the right is Bishop of Portland Louis Walsh, who during his tenure (1906-1924) blessed the Church as it went into service.

Circa 1901, when fur was in fashion! 

Members of the Albert Family stand on the porch of the Albert House, circa 1910. The House now stands on the Tante Blanche Museum Grounds of the Madawaska Historical Society.

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